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Sigh. I hate when people you want to love and respect make it hard.

Also, although I don’t know Alicia’s personal beliefs, typically when people use the phrase “sanctity of marriage”, they oppose my equality. 

I’m super for marriage equality for all, and I use “sanctity of marriage” all the time as a point to show others that anything can ruin the “sanctity of marraige,” (since the most common argument is gay marraige). Personal beliefs about that phrase aside, ASac actually has a really valid point here though. If you can’t stay monogamous, don’t get married. If you want marriage to be sacred, then don’t get married and then sleep with 27 hookers. Or don’t get married and then annul it 72 days later. Those things are ruining the sanctity of marriage, not men marrying men or women marrying women.

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BRB while I sob because of retirement.